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my bad

i've been soooooooooo horrible about updating. my bad.

i've been very busy. i got a job at old navy. i apparently need to get another job so i can get that $4,000 the suggest you bring to travel around at harlaxton. i got the part of sandy in grease. that's fun. i've been hanging out with the same group of wonderful people nonstop. i realize i need to hang out with other people, but these people just make me so happy. see? here's some of us having fun.  this is also for you wonderful e-ville people who i love and miss so dearly, so you can see who the heck i'm talking about, or in johanna's case, who you're talking to : )

this is me and j.  we're hair twins and we're both wearing yellow shirts.

this is from watching the RIDICULOUS season finale of ailas.

me and whit's friend tom.  can we say RANDOM?!

almost done, i swear.  this is of whitney painting her nails.  it makes her look like a priss, but she's the exact opposite of that.

i really probably don't even need a title for this one.

and i LOVE these.  i have more of these on my shutterfly.  but here's seth and sean fighting with their "light sabers" (aka sticks and metal handles)

el fin.  i love you all and miss you so much!!!!

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