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i just need to tell every single one of my friends that they are amazing.

seriously, this summer is turning out to be such an interesting and amazing one already.  not to be too obvious or to let y'all know TOO much about my life, but i feel like good things are happening and i'm learning a lot about life and about myself.  i've got:  a.  the "dare i say the L-WORD" *ove interest, lol.  that's being figured out i guess.  not really at all. but things are going very well.  we're cool, we joke around and we are hilarious, and we just happen to be playing opposite love interests in the cabaret we're doing later in july.  sweet life.  b.  the wonderful new gay man!!  he tells me i'm beautiful and i have a perfect body and he can DANCE like an...amazing dancer : )  i'm so glad i'm in a show with him because he's keeping me sane!  and c.  the really fun person to practice flirting with, haha.  did you ever think you'd hear helen say that?  he's sooooo cool and i truly hope that things work out for him b/c he's just so much fun to be around and talk with.  not to mention, it's nice to have someone flirt with you so you realize that you're kinda cool to someone else.  OH and i almost forgot d.  the best friend of the friend.  he's so wonderful too.  apparently i'm a "heartbreaker"....right.  i don't think i'm capable of that.  but he also reminds me that there is more than that one aforementioned person who thinks i'm special.  it's a nice feeling.  i really love that i have such dynamic, different, amazing people in my life right now.  and i really can't wait to develop these friendships even more!

my apologies for the post.  i just needed a mental note of how clear and good things are right now, because lord knows they'll get confusing and sketch and drama-filled soon enough : )  I'M SO EXCITED to go to evansville for SOAR 1 next week, words can't even explain.  i'm still in shock that i'm an orientation leader and that i'll be meeting the new freshmen and that i'll be a sophomore next year.  i turned in my passport application today which also made me realize that i'm actually studying abroad.  holy crapface.  i can't wait for the rest of life. : )

here's some pics from tonight:

: )  "i come equipped with good ears, bandaids, nail polish for extra sparkle, absorbent shoulders, tissue ( the kind that's kind to your nose), patience for the rough spots, and an encyclopedia of reasons why i'm glad you're my friend"
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