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my profuse apologies

i really need to update more. but i really want to go to bed.

basically...life is amazing. absolutely amazing. god is working in so many aspects of my life, i cannot even comprehend it! i really need more time to develop this, but for now, just know what life is going so pleasantly well.

tomorrow i'm actually headed to tennessee to see a bit of southern culture, and on saturday i'm going to a vanderbilt football game. i am so very excited. nervous...but excited : )

sunday is the adopt-a-student picnic. i can't wait for it to all come together. i know it's kind of a petty and silly little function, but words cannot express how much time and effort i have put into it. i just hope it goes well.

that's all for now. just know that classes, friends, bible studies, aoii, ol's, boys, everything you could imagine is going well. i love and miss y'all!

OH YES! I'M GOING HOME TO LINCOLN FOR A WEEK IN OCTOBER AND I CAN'T WAIT! yay leave me a message if you want to hang out at some point between october 8 and october 16!

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