i'm random. who knew? oh right, everyone!

Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

31 July
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i'm helen.

university of evansville is where i am. visitors always welcome : ) i'm doing theatre management, which means that i get to take classes like costuming, acting, theatre history, in addition to finance, business law, management, etc. i'm a nerd. it's absolutely perfect.

there, i am learning a lot and having fun meeting people and having new experiences.

after college, i want to get my master's in arts administration from southern methodist university in dallas, texas. after that, who knows. run an arts organization in chicago sounds lovely at the moment, but who knows.

i'm trying to find a sense of calm through all of the activities i've been doing. i want a sense of peace and stillness, like a quiet spirit of God. i'm working hard on not trying to control my life, and letting Him do that. good luck, helen, lol.

it's going to be interesting seeing who i stay in contact with while i'm off at college. there are a few wonderful people who i have interesting relationships with. i am truly blessed to have such amazing friends. y'all rock the mullet!